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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is It Worth Your Energy???

All things can be resolved, easily and effortlessly.

"Love is the miracle cure" is defiantly ALWAYS the answer humans we are constantly being pulled by ego, pride, anger, or righteousness and if we are not balanced and these emotions take over, we begin to create conflict.
I have observed others ( and myself of course) and the person who feels they are "right" feels the need to "teach" the other how and what they "should" do in their life! I too was this "type" of person. I learned that you can not change others, you can not expect others to do WHAT you do AS you do!
So instead I am learning to accept others AS THEY ARE and know that they are this way for a reason that is beneficial to me, even if it means they are representing a contrast to something!

The bottom line is don't waste your energy! Sometimes it is much simpler to nod your head in agreement, to say you're sorry even if you don't mean it!
Stand back emotionally from the situation and observe BEFORE you answer! Push aside being right because sometimes my friends it is simpler to give the other person a simple, "yes thank you" or "your right, I apologise" rather than begin a new battle! It isn't worth fighting for!

Nothing is worth wasting that much of your energy!!!

You've been "wronged" and my words are frustrating you....well I have been wronged too and so has almost every human on the planet! Maybe my story is worst than yours and maybe the girl in Thailand or the guy in Afghanistan has a worse story....the point is when it happens to you it is difficult to let go, or move on, or find the way of forgiveness in your heart but believe me the only person who will suffer is you!!! So get over it and remove your victim suit! You must so that you may begin to heal!!!

Let others know how you feel with out the dramatic cries and screams, no need to remind someone that you are unbalanced.....instead deal WITH your issues, learn to grow and get past them, and then with STRENGTH you can move forward pleasantly in your life!!!

Use your judgement! Decide what is worth your precious energy! CHOOSE where and what you want to put your energy toward!
They say that actions speak louder than words right? Well then, set an example! Especially for your children! BE what you spend time telling them to be! Because words are words but energy is so much more effective! So you can teach them without the screaming fests!!!

Remember; you are always doing your best and that is enough! So be proud of yourself! Take it easy and ask yourself throughout the day, "is this worth it?" When a car cuts you off and you start to feel yourself get angry ask yourself, "is it worth it?" Wasting your energy is your choice! I just wanted to remind you that you ALWAYS have a choice!!!

Luv and Light,