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Monday, November 9, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane?!?!?!?

Life moving too quickly for you? Not enough time for anything? Feeling like a ball in a ping pong game? I have to tell you that we defiantly are in fast times! Life IS moving quickly and it will keep doing so! So what do we do???
We must slow ourselves down by reconnecting with our true source! We must find time for meditation be it 2 minutes or 1 hour. The amount of time doesn't matter but the reconnection is so important because it effects everything you think, feel, see, and do and in turn you effect the vibration of the planet! YES! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!! So we must find time to do such things that benefit our souls because it is all that is truly important!!! Your reconnection is ALL that really counts in your life! When we exit the planet it is ONLY your soul that departs and EVERYTHING else remains!!! Remember that when you are finding excuses for why you can not find the time to do what's good for your soul!!!

With the scare of this "h1n1" crap as I like to refer to it; "they" have successfully got most of the humans on the planet exactly where "they" want them- in a state of panic and fear- and in turn we are all feeling the exhausting vibration from this!!!
PLEASE PEOPLE!!! I am reminding you DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! When people reconnect with themselves they absolutely without a doubt KNOW what to do, when to do it, how and why! All the answers are easily revealed to you! However for the "followers" who are "too busy" and fall into the "everyday" habitual rituals of going to work, paying their bills, and feeling like this is life and that's ALL there is to it...well I will again remind you: WHAT ABOUT YOUR DREAMS????!!!!! Have you forgotten to dream??? Are you allowing the outside world to convince you to stop dreaming??? That your dreams can never come true??? Do you truly believe that??? Remember how beautiful and important you AND your dreams ARE!!!

Believe me when I tell you that "they" will continuously try to control you and your thinking and bring it to such a tiny level until without knowing how, you wake up and realise you live in a tiny cage; fearful and helpless, and victim to your very own reality!!! Are you comfortable with that? Do you need to be reminded that you are capable of extraordinary things? How many times do I need to remind you?! When will you choose to believe in yourself???
Life is too precious and our time is short here so WAKE UP!!!!!!

Try replacing your nervous, angry, frustrated, fearful thoughts with these:

I am always safe and protected!
All is well in my world!
Love fills me and guides me each and every day!
I know I am perfect as I am!
I am one with the Universe!
Life loves and supports me!
I am happy, healthy, whole and complete!
My life is a JOY to live!!!!

My love goes out to you beautiful one! There is ALWAYS GREAT love for you...just take a look inside!!!

Luv and Light,