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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Thought At A Time...

My life is so stressful! REPLACE: Life is FUN!

I hate my job! REPLACE: I bless my current job knowing that there are always new avenues of opportunity available to me!

I am so scared! REPLACE: I am always well taken care of! I know that there is never anything to fear!

Oh I get so nervous about money! REPLACE: I have all that I need and much, much more in my life! Life is abundant and gives unconditionally when I release my fears and limitations!

I can't! REPLACE: I know I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to!

People hate me! REPLACE: People love and adore me!

I'm ugly! REPLACE: I am perfect as I am! I am beautiful, both inside and out!

I have to save money! REPLACE: I know money is an energy like everything else! I now allow myself to allow abundance to flow in my life!

I'm so stupid! REPLACE: I am always doing my best, the best way I know how!

Why me?! REPLACE: I see everything in my life as an experience! I turn every obstacle into a learning experience!

Get it?
All day my friends! Keep it consistent and watch the magic in your life unfold!!!

Remember, one positive thought is great but if the rest is negative which one do you think will be dominant in your reality?!

Luv, Light, and POSITIVITY!!!