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Monday, November 30, 2009

Put Your Panic Away! You Really Don't Need It!

Transforming the way you choose to view things transforms your life and those around you.
Okay simple enough.
And how do you transform yourself?
One thought at a time, one moment at a time.
This too is simple!

Everything that surrounds you is there because you put it there! Remember life is like a boomerang, what you give out comes right back!
So if you are complaining about those around you, check in with yourself and see where it is YOU need to change. Perhaps how YOU deal with and speak with yourself.
If your troubles are financial, check and see what YOUR vibration or YOUR relationship is with money. Perhaps YOUR beliefs are about limitations and "lack of".
If it is your health, again check in with yourself. A part of YOU is unhappy, victimized, sad, angry, hurt or fearful and YOUR body is trying to tell YOU.

Everything around us is a mirror! They are reflections of us and our emotions and what we are vibrating!

I urge you to stop yourself from complaining and find your solution instead. Nothing is worth stressing or arguing over! And it doesn't have to be with an outside source, I mean with yourself as well!
Life is too precious, and much too short to waste your time and energy toward things you do not want! We meant to enjoy our time here with mass amounts of love and laughter! This is a choice as is everything in our lives!

So ask yourself today, "how can this situation become joyous? what can I let go of or change inside myself that will make me see this situation with joy?"
After all this too shall pass and we will be on to the next one!

So put your panic away, find your calm, assertive, loving energy and fill your day with joy, moment after moment!

Luv and Light moment after moment,