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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Same Old, Same Old?

Are you still dwelling in the past? Still have the same old feelings rising up time and time again? Still dealing with things the same old way you always have? Is that working for you or are you ready for some change? Ready to do something different!?

You need to begin from the inside! Watch your thoughts when you begin your "pattern" of thoughts, emotions and reactions. Slow it down. See where you could change. Dis-attach yourself EMOTIONALLY and BEFORE you can react in any way take a breath, reflect, ask yourself how you are choosing to deal with your situation and what the outcome will it what you want? If not change how you are about to react and in turn you will change the outcome and get what it is you DO want. Sometimes this involves us letting go of being right, or letting go of our ego or just choosing peace instead of conflict. Sometimes you need to step away and take a good look to see if it is really worth your energy!

Always choose peaceful outcomes believe me they serve you best! You will also be helping the other people involved to learn something about choosing peace and perhaps THEY will think and react differently the next time!

We are all here learning and growing from watching one another and I have learnt that by slowing down, taking a breath, and stepping away from your emotions you can better understand and handle ANY situation!

I choose peace today and always! And I give thanks for being reminded to BREATH! Thanks Jamie!:)

Luv and Light,