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Friday, November 6, 2009

Say to yourself over and over, " I Know What To Do!"

The BEST resources you have available are your own gut instincts! These are the most reliable!

What you feel inside is what you need to listen to! When people tell me they are confused I believe it is because they have become accustomed to looking outside for answers and forgetting to continuously check within themselves, "how does this make me feel? How does my body react to this person? Does this feel right? What is my gut telling me?"
You must check in with yourself at all times in regards to all topics!
After all, television and other "outside" influences will only confuse you if you are not solid about your gut feelings!

When we are in fear we look outside of ourselves for answers. We are looking for that person or thing "to save" us.......HUH?! WHY?! Because someone outside yourself knows better than you? Someone else has better answers? WHY? Because they're smarter?
Let me explain a VERY important point here: your guidance system(what we call gut feeling) has always, since the beginning of time, been there to guide you and tell you where, when, how, who and yes and no! You have all had the experience where you say,"I knew it! I had a gut feeling!" Well sometimes you listen to that gut feeling and sometimes you don't because today many of us do not give ourselves enough quiet time to know what that gut feeling feels or sounds like so we become confused!
This is why I always say to people, you know exactly what you need to do at all times, you always have all the answers! Because we really do! In order to turn up the volume of your inner guidance system you need to quiet yourself and "check in" with yourself much more often and I PROMISE YOU, you will never, ever again doubt what it is you need to do. You will never again say,"I don't know what to do" or " I am so afraid" because when you REALLY know to listen to your gut feelings and follow it, you know that you will always be VERY well taken care of! In all senses!!!
You were put on this planet with a built in guidance system and it is your own! We each have one and when we learn to use them we will have an easy time understanding what decisions to make in our lives!
Always listen to your gut!!!!

Luv and Light,