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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sometimes The Messages Keep coming....

You are always in right time and space in your life! You are where you need to be! Right here, right now, exactly as you are! It is part of your story! Part of your lessons are such so that you may move forward with what you need in your life! How else would you know what you know today if it weren't for past experiences?

Never choose to believe that your life is stagnant or that you are stuck in any way because this is never true! We ALWAYS have choices and we can always choose to see things from in a different light, from a different perspective! Just because you have had solid beliefs until now doesn't mean you can not help change them! What worked for you yesterday may not be the way to do, say, or think things today! Today is a different day!

You are capable of SO MUCH in your life! Don't forget that!

Most people make one decision and they think that's it! This is the way my life is going to remain forever! WHY?!
Be grateful when change comes your way! Be content when life guides you on a path of growth! Never go in fear; instead KNOW that you are always WELL taken care of! Affirm that "all is well in my world and I have all that I need and so much more! I am always safe and well taken care of by this abundant, unlimited, giving universe!"

We are here to continue on our path to whatever it is we desire! Your life is an experience! So remember to see it that way! Contribute to your life in a positive way, with a positive outlook and watch how the world becomes a joyous place where all is ALWAYS WELL!!!

Luv and Light to you all, ALWAYS!!!