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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stop Hiding From Yourself and Contribute To Peace!!!

Are you afraid of your own thoughts? Do you realise you are NOT separate from your thoughts or emotions?

Why are you so afraid of yourself?
Your own thoughts???

......I believe this comes from allowing outside influences to control our thinking with fear and forgetting who we truly are!

Do you help create things inside of you that feel unpleasant?
Do you realise that you can not store away a thought or emotion and feel completely good?

......We ALL make mistakes! We have all done things we have later regretted! The point is LEARN TO FORGIVE YOURSELF AND MOVE ON!!!
Accept yourself! Love yourself! You are human and you must make "mistakes" in order to grow! You are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have and in the past you did the best you could with the knowledge you had attained at that time; so please humans be gentler, kinder with yourselves!
We are not here to be perfect but to EXPERIENCE and exchange love, joy and prosperity!!! Imagine now if we all treated each other with smiles and love? I know some people choose to be stressed but that doesn't mean you need to be a sheep and a follower.....everyday things happen that you can help with.....let me tell you about my experience in line at a store yesterday:
everyone lined up at the cashes are getting very impatient so they open up another cash and here everyone comes like football players tackling their way through. The lady in front of us (myself and mom) decides that she's going to leap in front of our carriage and announce that it is her right because she was ahead of us in the previous line. OK! Here is a crucial moment: here is a lady who is down on life(I say that because her energy was very easy to read) very upset and stressed and ready to attack because she needed to release the pent up anger she has stored and not dealt with and she is ready now, in a situation that has nothing to do with her reasons for being upset with herself!
SO what to do in this moment is to respond lovingly and calmly and I choose to say, "yes of coarse, please excuse us I guess we are all somewhat in a hurry" and of coarse I am wearing an honest smile. You want to know what happened next? Her energy level neutralized and she looked at us in surprise. She didn't get the fight she was looking for and it ended there.
Simply resolved.
Now had I had pent up anger as well we would battle with our rage rising in our stomachs and our words slashing each other. So I choose peace. Be peaceful and pass it on!

You can in any and every moment, at any and every time choose to help others! Please use the tools I give you in these blogs and make a difference on this planet! You count and what you do counts!!! Remember that!!!

Luv, Light and Peacefulness!!!