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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Does Your Gold Look Like???

Read up on how your body reacts to thoughts! You will be amazed at how much is written up on this! Reading isn't really your thing? You can watch videos! Just DO SOMETHING!!! Don't sulk in your sorrows, your "poor me" victimized thinking! Get out of your sicknesses and weaknesses!!! Raddle your cage!!! The time has come for all of us to wake up and finally DEAL with all our undigested emotions!! Embrace every part of you, the ones you love and the ones you don't right now! Learn to tap into every inch of you! You need compassion and forgiveness of YOURSELF!!!
The old saying what doesn't kill us makes us stronger; well if you're still here.....??? Use those same situations to BUILD you further!!! Do not stay stuck in your guck! Use it as fuel!!!
Unleash your gold! It is always placed in the harder to reach places because you need to get rid of the clouds in order to understand what that gold looks like!!

You are not alone on this mission of life! No one is with out challenges! The purpose is finding balance and taking it all in with JOY and LOVE! After all, these are only experiences so please learn to live them NOT carrying them eternally in your baggage where you store your victim suit!!


Today I have a special request, if it has not yet been removed please watch this video .....just so you know they fired her after giving this interview!!!

Like I said people: it's wake up time!!!

Luv, Light, and CLARITY!!!