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Thursday, December 31, 2009

As We Enter This New Decade What Would You Like To See Enter Your LIFE???!!!

As Most of you know I write my blogs when I feel inspired(and have a computer readily available) but today I wanted to also include a message I received by email and this powerful message is from Louise L. Hay for the new decade we are about to enter!

It’s a New Year!
A Time to Keep, a Time to Let Go

This week, we welcome a New Year into our lives. This is a good time for us to see what is to be released, what is to be kept and improved, and what is to be brought in. Take time to ask and explore these simple questions:

What shall I now release from my life?

What or who no longer works for me?

What am I holding on to that holds me back?

What thoughts or beliefs belong to the old me?

How am I being unloving to myself?

Am I ready to let go?

What do I believe that really works for me?

What is going on in my life that is terrific and wonderful?

Where am I being very loving to myself?

Where am I most content?

Let me acknowledge myself for all the growth and change.

What do I want to bring to my life?

What do I want to create?

How do I want the next year to be?

Who do I want to bring into my world?

How do I want to look?

What image do I want to project?

How healthy do I want to be?

How prosperous do I want to feel?

How much love am I willing to experience?

What kind of world do I want to live in?

Where do I want my spirituality to go?

I know that where I am is the totality of possibilities . . . not just a few possibilities, but the totality of all creation.
I am not limited by statistics, medical opinions, time, or authorities.
I am one with the infinite wisdom and capabilities of the Universe itself.
All good is available to me, right here and right now.
All I have to do is to use the power of my thoughts to create that which I desire. I know that. Now let me live it!

You can do it!

Powerful questions!!! And extremely IMPORTANT!!! As we enter this new decade we must become much more AWARE of how we FEEL and what we are VIBRATING! Believe me when I tell you this: if you are not on your proper path, if you are not attentive to your soul and have your mind busily living negatively, YOUR BODY, MIND, and SOUL WILL RESPOND with great impact because there has never been a more important time than right now! Your ego can not guide you for it is the wrong source! You are a soul! This means it is the MOST important thing to fulfill! You will be yanked in the right direction if need be! Listen to your Source! Your energy is constantly guiding you so pay attention! Limited thinking is something of the past! The best and easiest way to swing away from negativity is to give thanks! Most of us forget that there are ALWAYS 2 sides to everything! Two ways of looking at things! Don't stay "stuck" in fear, limitations and small mindedness! Go for GOLD!!! Love yourself! Say thank you everyday for your body and mind, your experiences, the nature that surrounds you: your car, job, friends, family, clothes, home, your country, the abundances that surround you and most of all the beautiful universe that lives right inside of you!!!
Basically people STOP looking at what you could of, should of done and celebrate where you are!!! Quit the negative conversation! Slow down your thinking and start LIVING A LIFE YOU ENJOY!!! You must make time to tap into whats real! There is nothing more powerful or more important than fulfilling your soul because that my friends is who we really are!!!

So PLEASE make this entry to the new decade a positive one! Do what feels good! Make sure you vibrate joyously at all times! The more you feel good the more good will enter your life!!! The more positive thoughts, the more positive things will enter your life!!! The more love and appreciation you feel, the more love and things to appreciate will enter your life!!!
So how will you begin this new decade? This new year? This new day?

I begin mine with Gratitude and of course a SMILE:)
Happy, Happy, Happy and prosperous NEW YEAR and NEW DECADE to all!!!

Love, Light, Harmony, Joy, Abundance, Wealth, Heath and Happiness!!!