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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check In With Yourself!!!

Have you finally come to terms with the fact that your thoughts create your reality? Are you finally choosing to live a fulfilled life of balance and harmony? Are you choosing to remain in your circle of light and filling your soul with love and purpose? Have you removed your victim costume? Have you understood that you have to teach people how to treat you and what your boundaries are? Are you learning to let go of limitations and insecurities? Are you making a daily effort to constantly improve your life and attract prosperity in all its forms?

Do you know what works best for you? Do you understand what gives you more energy and fuels you up? Do you understand the difference? Do you still have the same problems over and over again? Are you ready to finally begin to do something different so that you may change the outcome of the "same old" stories, worries, and stresses in your life?

We are blessed in more ways than we realise!

Continuously give thanks for ALL that you already have! The universe understands our energy more than anything else! More than our words, cries, or begging! So when you say thank you for "such and such a thing" you are saying, "more of this please" and that is where you turn the handle of the door that holds all the things you have already asked for!
You do have all you need so in order to get what you WANT you must ALLOW those things to come to you!
Stop believing in limitations!!! Let go of limited thinking!!! Open yourself up to MORE, know that you DESERVE more! Envision what you desire! Feel it, smell it, touch it, taste it! Act as if it has already arrived! It is your vibration of excitement and eagerness that will pull it closer and closer into your life! Keep in mind what I have just said:
excitement and eagerness NOT begging, pleading, promising, stresses, fretting or trying to figure out the how, when, and where! The universe takes care of that FOR you! The only thing you must do is clearly KNOW what it is you want and then FEEL the feeling of what it would be like if it was already here!!!

Sound too simple? Too good to be true? If either of these two statements are true than it is clear that you have limited thinking! I understand in a world such as today we feel that we need facts, statistics and proof. It seems we need to google everything! Well ancient times, prehistoric times, primitive man...did they have internet? Did they use encyclopedias and statistics??? They had 3 things for sure: trust, their gut feelings and faith! It worked for them so please let go of your "show me the proof" belief system and instead follow your gut! Find your faith! Being too logical means your soul is starving! Your soul is completely right brain that means it is completely emotional and works purely on energy! So check in with yourself to understand if your soul is fulfilled: do you have a beautiful energy that attracts people like bees to honey? Do others love to be around you? Are you peaceful and calm? Do others feel good around you? Do things flow in your life? Are you calm and assertive inside? Do you feel secure and well taken care of? Are you worry free?
Your answers are clear indications of a fulfilled soul or a starving soul!
Again, there is always freedom of choice! You choose, it's your life!

Luv, Light and Beauty,