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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Magic Wand!

Is there something in your life that you would like to change, fix or transform? Perhaps there are several things. I will give you an exercise you can do at any time, a magical one! Okay, I want you to visualize that person or situation and call upon your angels to come and help you, tell them clearly what you want-always without any limitations (this means don't think of what is impossible to your human mind) see them heading over to that person or situation with a magical wand. See them tapping their wand over that situation or person and see beautiful sparkles of color (purple, blue, white, gold, and green) feel the love transcend from them and their wand! Don't stop till you are smiling! When you feel yourself smile then you know your mission is complete!
Many people try to do the jobs of the angels but it is so draining for us humans. The angels are there for this reason! They get excited to help! It is effortless for them! Do not try and complete inhuman tasks! There are things we are meant to handle and then there are things for the beautiful souls on the "other side!"

Find your faith! Please people! I don't care what religion it is you follow, or what it is you choose to believe in but PLEASE find something that fills your soul! You don't believe in angels? Okay what do you believe in? Whatever it is, tap into it, because now more than ever we are in times where we must absolutely find deeper meaning! You must be in connection with yourself!

Can you feel the energy rushing around lately? Pretty crazy ground we are walking on these days! I can feel the craziness and chaos of lost thoughts and confused emotions! This is because there are to many of you walking around with starving souls!!! Your soul IS the only thing that counts!!! You come into this world with your soul and you leave with your soul....not your car, not your job, not your "positions"!!!! So please people WAKE UP and see what is important! We are in urgent times!!!

You must find your magic wand! Whatever that means to you! But this planet needs you now! It needs you to be in touch with whats really REAL! Your fellow humans need to feel love, compassion, tenderness, sincerity, and happiness! Let us all do our part so that we may help others find their happiness! We are all meant to live happy, prosperous lives!!! There is no one better or worse, we are all from the same source so please remember that before you judge someone, or feel superior to someone! Do NOT feed your ego!!! It will take you down the wrong path! You will continue to feel drained and unfulfilled! Trust me when I tell you FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!

Now I am off to use my magic wand and help assist a few people:)

Luv and Light,