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Monday, December 7, 2009

My Beautiful World!!!

Living on this planet is a blessing! We are blessed with the gift of LIFE and I for one am honored to have this privilege as I am sure you are too!!! Life is so amazing! We create such wonderful things and experiences for ourselves- if we choose to. That's what I love so much about this planet: the ability and the freedom to create what ever it is we want in our reality! Amazing!

This is the busiest time of year for most of us and I have to tell you that without my daily meditations- even if it is a quick minute- makes the world of difference for me! It is said that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep. That's right! Believe me slowing yourself down with quiet time and re-centering yourself and taking the time to give thanks sets your cells in HAPPY MODE and makes you feel like you can fly! Even the "impossible" gets accomplished! You see only when you drain your battery with conversations and visuals that are toxic for you do you feel exhausted! So please choose wisely! It is for your own benefit!

So this holiday season I continue to dream about my world and what I would like in are a few things I dream about: roads signs, like the ones here that you find on the highways, that say things like, "congestion Aut. 25" I would love to see "have an amazing day" or "SMILE! You are wonderful!" or perhaps, "Never worry, for All IS Always Well in your world!
All license plates would read, "you are the best" and advertisements on billboards would read, "you are perfect as you are!"
Hospitals would have positive affirmations and beautiful pictures of oceans and flowers all over the walls, and they would have top chefs with the best fresh foods served and the smell of freshly baked goods going through the vents!!!

I have so many more visions and in my daily meditations I embrace the whole world with a warm blanket of love, peace, and tranquility! There is a great love for the world in my heart and this is the best way I know how to send it out!!! I know that inside we are ALL wonderful and although sometimes some of us sometimes make decisions that aren't always the best, we must learn to forgive and help one another!
You too can do your part in creating peace, harmony and love on the planet! We do not have to become Mother Teresa- what a truly wonderful angel our planet was blessed with- but we can all do our share and by that I mean to go within yourself and start making the changes you know need to take place. If each of us takes responsibility for ourselves and our emotions, we can help create serenity within ourselves and then that is portrayed in our surroundings and everyone and everything in it!!!

Luv and Light Eternally!

Remember beautiful people; if there is a time of love and joy it is right NOW!!!