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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perfect Holiday Gift....beside a gift from Fiori of course!

Finally I snap back into gear!

I got us humans do sometimes. I was wondering what was keeping me "so out of it" these past few days so I went to my Angel/Ascended Masters, Goddess and inner child cards and I asked, "what is it I need to know?" I happen to choose 4 cards from each pack that morning and each one had one message that read the same: you've been indoors too long, go outside and get in touch with nature!
!!!OF COURSE!!! Me? Not go outside! I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last walk! My morning walks have always been SO IMPORTANT to me! I have been so crazy with work I really didn't realise how much time had passed since my last walk!

So I took a walk tonight:)

Wow that felt GOOD!!! The beautiful snow flakes blanketing everything with their sparkling beauty!!! And that air! That beautiful fresh air! Filling my lungs with freshness!!! You could see the smiles on people's faces as they passed! I am so glad to be alive! Now I remember why I love my walks so much!!!

We MUST take time to be one with nature!!! It is part of us and our connection to one another is much more important than we think!!! People have praised the sun, wind and rain. These were their gods because they realised the immensity of it, the power of it! Remember we are talking about nature and I believe that no matter how small the form nature is, it is living just as we are! And sharing the same planet with us!
My point here is: do not forget what is truly important! Do not let your logical mind get in the way of what our soul knows and is trying to push us toward! The engine to fueling a human is by feeding the soul! So do what makes you smile on the inside!!!
2012 is on its' way and regardless of all the hype that surrounds it right now I will tell you what I learnt is the best way to be prepared in life no matter what the situation may be: be it the end of the world, or dealing with your kids, the BEST thing to do IS TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOURSELF!!! And that is not being selfish! NOT taking care of yourself IS being selfish! If you are not okay then things around you get all messed up and it keeps getting worse and worse UNTIL you re-align yourself! A balanced person creates balanced surroundings and balanced energy is then transmitted to everything and everyone around you and then everything responds in that same energy toward you! See EVERYONE BENEFITS!!!
So if I may suggest a perfect, priceless, holiday gift idea that you can give yourself AND your loved ones: TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOURSELF! Love yourself and all that surrounds you! The benefits are priceless!!!

Life Is Grand! So Celebrate it!!!

Love and Light Eternally!