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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Power Is Within!

Do what feels right to you! Do what feels good!
When we feel crabby or frustrated it usually leads to feeling angry. And these emotions arise NOT because of other peoples' doing!
We MUST take responsibility for our choices and decisions! The only reason we feel that way is because of our CHOOSING! Too many people walk this planet playing the victim or the follower or the fearful one, or the stressed out one! Why are we choosing to live a life as such?!!! Why are we sitting back and settling???!!! Is there no one left to encourage us? Make us feel like we can accomplish anything??? When did we stop believing in ourselves and why?
When did happy go out of style? And why have we chosen darkness, sadness, sickness and negative to take over?? Have we become so much of a "product" of this society that we can not even be awake inside enough to even NOTICE!!! There is a time for everything and NOW is the time to WAKE UP!!!
We are in ever changing times!!!
In super speedy times and everything we do counts! Every second counts so you can choose to waste it if you like but I definitely choose not to!!!

Find that sacred space!!! There is a place inside of you! Oh, I know what you see on the outside, all that stuff that surrounds you can be ever so distracting, but LOOK INSIDE!!! There are treasures and priceless answers to questions you have asked your entire life! There is endless universes of things and we are CHOOSING to shy away from all of it! For what? So we can watch our shows?
What is it that so many of us are so busy doing??? Running around doing what? Stressing out for what? So we can buy that new SUV like the neighbours just got???
What is going on here people?

Look; each and everyone of us is different and we are meant to be that way so that we can learn and grow from one another! If we all think and act the same then we aren't really growing are we? So why are we so afraid to be ourselves??? No job, suit or car will ever define who you are! I am NOT saying live in a shack and wear clothes you find in the streets! Enjoy the beautiful things we have created on this planet; our luxurious homes, our amazing cars, our wonderful fashion, our unlimited food, water, fine wines, beautiful stores....the list goes on and on....ENJOY these things but don't live FOR them! They are additions like fashionable jewelry but you don't leave the house without I said ADDITIONS!!! You must understand the difference and make sure you get it because in the end when all material is gone you are left with what REALLY COUNTS: YOU! And who are you?
You are a soul. A soul who has come here with purpose, reason and meaning!!! And where do you find these answers? IN SILENCE! When you quiet your thoughts-and yes it takes practice but not as much as you think- you find this place! This beautiful tranquil place where ANYTHING is possible! Where all questions are answered! Where you can do absolutely anything! It is only in that immensely filled space that you realise how easily your human "problems" can be resolved! Now imagine that! We have absolutely everything we need INSIDE of us! For those who choose not to connect with their souls, re-align themselves, and connect with what's becomes a very, very, very small world of limitations and frustrations! The power is within, always has been, always will be!

Luv and Light,