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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stop Starving Your Soul!!!

So how do you use the space in your head? With panic and fearful thinking? With joyful and loving thoughts? Do you have a belief that it is the outside world that effects your thinking? WHY?
Do you not have your own gut instincts and beliefs? Are you not your own person? Is your soul not special? Are you just a number in a world? What do you think about yourself?
Now more than ever we are coming to a very important time in our world where we need to remember who we are and why we are here! This life time isn't going to come around again, you're here NOW, and you are here with purpose!
So don't delay!
Start asking yourself questions! Start living a more purposeful life! Start finding things to be grateful for! Wake up and pay attention and STOP simply living the daily routine and the belief of the "everyday grind!"
Life isn't meant to be that way!
Stop looking to outside sources to fix you! You know what you need to do!!!
Stop choosing to complicate your life with stupidity, draining drama, and being unable to speak your mind lovingly!
You are YOUR OWN person! There is no other soul like you! We are all different and meant to learn and grow and help guide one another! At the same time we must EACH take great care of ourselves the best we can because that means no one else needs to take care of us so we are all free to expand our knowledge further and move toward what is important!

When I write these blogs I do not write so your logical mind may understand what I am saying! I write so that your soul may awaken because it understands everything I am saying!! I am helping feed your starving soul and you must continue to feed it with words of love and wisdom!

Your soul will continue to starve as long as you keep ignoring it. This results in stress, anxiety, nervousness, chaos, clutter and confusion!

The MOST important thing is that you find JOY! Yes JOY in your everyday life!!! Stop dragging and draining your soul! It is calling out to you so are you going to fulfill your true needs and desires? The beauty of this universe is that it ALWAYS gives you freedom of choice!
That's right my friends you always have the freedom to choose!

So what's it going to be?

Luv and Light,