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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What You See Is A Reflection Of You!!!

You help create happy moments and the "not so happy" moments. You contribute whether you are aware of it or not! Our emotional response to something gives us back the outcome, so the next time you start to feel crabby, angry or frustrated, remind yourself that you have a choice in how to feel, and in being conscious of that choice you can help change the outcome! Miracles happen everyday! Big and tiny ones! To see them and embrace them when they present themselves you must be AWARE! A busy mind misses much of what goes on!!! It's "too busy" doing a million other things!

Quiet your mind and give thanks in your life, because there is so much in your life to be grateful for!!! Wear a smile everyday! Become responsible and aware of your every thought and emotion! Everything you think, do, say, and feel contributes to what you see in your daily life! A stressful mind creates stressful situations, a nervous mind creates things to be nervous about, a fearful mind creates things to be fearful about, a constant complainer will create more to complain about, a peaceful mind creates peacefulness...get it?

So why contribute to a stressful life of complaints and sadness or worry? Why choose to live an unhappy life by contributing to one?
Are you going to tell me that your desire IS to live a happy joyous life, but you can't because of the outside world? Well if this your belief system I want you to remember that the outside world and everything around you is a mirror!!! YES! A reflection of YOU!!! What you give out you get back, so if you don't like the outside world you must transform YOUR OWN inner world!!!
What you see around you is what your beliefs and emotions are contributing to and creating into YOUR reality!!!

No one is going to "save you", no outside source can do any sort of change FOR you! Only YOU help create YOUR reality!!! Stop searching and start doing!!! Victims remain victims as long as they choose to! Some people remain victims to a past experience a whole lifetime!!! How exhausting!!!!
Choose wisely my friends! Your life is precious and so is this life time! You never get this one back!

Luv and Light,