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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your "safety" Box..... Not!

Dreams are meant to be followed and believed in! If you prefer you can replace the word dream with goal; whatever your mind can accept. I am reminding you today about these dreams because they are VERY important! You came here with purpose and reason and you are constantly being guided toward them! However, if you panic, over think it and not use your visualisation and excitement you will be dragged down to your safety box. Yes you know that small "reality" that keeps you tied down and believing you must do everything yourself! Yes! That one! The small "reality" that you were raised to believe you belong to! You are much more powerful, much more talented, and ALWAYS guided by immense forces no human can ever compare with! We ARE part of that same force but in human form you MUST let the stronger force do things for you!
A great example of this is from Jerry and Ester Hick's book, Ask and It is Given: imagine that you are the owner of a multi billion dollar company. You have many people working for you and you have an amazing manger who you pay half a million dollars a year to do their job. So you can sit behind your desk and ask this manager to run around FOR you. So why choose to run around and do the work yourself? This manager is constantly awaiting your requests but if you don't ask them, they will continue to wait and wait and wait!
This "manager" is your higher self, your angels, your guides, masters, teachers. No human can do the work as easily as they can! They help create the immense forces you feel and see around you! And each and everyone of us has this gift the secound we enter upon this planet!
So what are you waiting for? Why stay in your safety box when there is a universe of fun that awaits you? Your dreams are not forgotten or lost! Not unless you've given up on them! LISTEN to your gut! Follow your instincts and BELIEVE in yourself and EXPAND you beliefs!!!

Your belief system will either keep you stuck or help you to grow! There is no secret here! Life is simple! What you put in you get out! What you believe comes true! What you give your energy and attention to manifests itself!!! HELLO! Are you listening? If you are, well you're one step closer but now you must ACT! You must DO IT! No one will do it for you! Not because they don't want to but because they aren't allowed to. It isn't the way it works!
It is like a chick that is being born, it must struggle through the egg. The mother can easily help it but she knows she would only be doing major damage to the chick for it will never be able to do anything on its' own and she knows that would be the worst possible thing for its' life!
So don't wait for someone or some outside source! Everything you need is ALWAYS right inside of you! So get out of your "safety" boxes and get into the Flow!!! I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

Believe in yourself! Never let go! Have faith! Feel excitment, joy, and love continously and keep your self growing!!!

Luv, Light, and Power!