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Monday, January 25, 2010

Are Happy People Real?

Are you a happy person? Can you say in your life right now you are happy?
If your answer is no than I urge you to begin making changes and not big or drastic changes rather, very small changes. One step at a time is the ALWAYS the easiest way!
We can be too hard on ourselves! We must be much gentler! We are sensitive souls:)

So if you aren't happy here is what I believe you could do:
1) ask yourself why you are not happy.
2) keep asking until you get an answer(s).
3) write down all the points that are keeping you from being truly happy.
4) see what you can do on a daily basis to take step toward your happiness.
There is a book (I have mentioned several times before in my previous blogs) Ask and it is Given by Jerry & Ester Hicks- AMAZING book by the way!!! And in that book they have different processes you can use and one of them is similar to what I am explaining here (about changing certain things in your life) and they ask you to write ABOUT the things you want to change.
So if my happiness was being suppressed because I believe getting physically fit, or earning more income would make me happier then I would write something like this:
MY BODY -that's the tittle-
and below the title i would write:
Getting my body to be physically fit would make me happy BECAUSE I could fit into my clothes better, I would feel stronger and sexier, my muscles would work better, I could carry objects with ease...etc...
Increasing my income would make me happy BECAUSE my mind would be more at ease, I would feel calmer, I could buy more beautiful things, travel to different places around the world....etc...
Getting the point here???

Anything you put your attention to manifests so if you have been desiring things for so long why not give it MORE of your attention?! It's as simple as that! But you MUST give it SOME attention because if you don't how can anything change???

In today's world I believe some of us lack enthusiasm, excitement and motivation! How else do people live their lives? What else can wake you up enough to get your day started? How can we see some parts of the world go through catastrophic disasters and NOT feel blessed with the safety and abundance that surrounds you at this very moment?

Think about it for a second, you have everything you NEED right? I mean if you have a computer to read these blogs then guess what? You have MORE than what you NEED! So why not focus on how blessed you truly are?
Happy people are people who give gratitude for all they have! Happy people are those who pay attention to how blessed they are to have well functioning limbs and organs!
Happy people are those who say thank you for all the plentiful gifts in their daily lives!!!

Do you have a car? A home? Clothes on your back? Food stocked in your home? There are people who would LOVE to have all if ANY of those things!!! When you open up the faucet and water comes right out: remember that you are blessed because some people do not have that! When you jump in your shower give thanks my friends, because that in itself is a luxury we have become so accustomed to that we have forgotten that it IS a luxury!!! Your washer, dryer, dishwasher....all I have to do is listen to my grandmother's stories of how they washed without ANY of those machines!!! Washing clothes BY HAND!!! So the next time you want to complain about doing laundry remember my grandmother and say thank you for your washer and dryer!!!

So the question remains are happy people real? Well there is one writing this blog this very moment and I know very many more!

So today I ask you this; would you like to join me and have the pleasure of becoming a Happy Person? Would you like to finally take responsibility of your life and help CREATE happiness?As always; the choice is ALWAYS yours!

Luv, Light and HAPPINESS!!!