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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you Alive OR Are You Living???

What are your requests for the day? This is something you can do in the morning BEFORE you begin your day! Forget the traffic report and instead put in your requests! Say or write down how you would like your day to be! example:

Today I want an easy and effortless drive to work, peaceful drivers to surround me and great songs I can sing along to on the radio! I want to have a fun filled day with enjoyable new encounters and a smile to last long day long! I would like a successful day with plentiful clients who appreciate my work.....get the point?
After you have put in your requests-and don't be shy! Ask for as much as you like!- remember to say, "AND SO IT IS!"

Later you will move on to the next level which is affirming what it is you want. So now you have moved up from asking to ALLOWING! It will sound more like this (I will use the same statements):

Thank you for this easy and effortless drive to work surrounded by peaceful drivers! I love all these great songs on the radio! I love singing to them! Thank you for this fun filled day with all these enjoyable new encounters! Thank you for giving me so many reasons to smile the whole day long! Thank you for such a successful day and all the plentiful clients who appreciate my work! THANK YOU!

So these are the steps to helping create what it is you want and you can use it toward everything and anything!!!
Always pay attention to your inner dialogue! Check in and make sure you are thinking and affirming what you DO want in your life!!! You are the driver of your vehicle(your spirit) and so if you do not like what you see, feel, think, or experience in your life then CHANGE YOUR THINKING!!!

Sometimes I am convinced that because it is so simple people find it difficult to do! Most humans believe that life is a struggle and so in order to create they must struggle!
Take most people who diet; they try EVERY stupid diet that comes along...HELLO! don't you think if there was a diet that worked everyone would be on it? Oh wait a minute! There is: love yourself unconditionally, accept yourself EXACTLY as you are, eat and drink more natural, healthy products(anything from the earth is guaranteed to keep you healthy) exercise your body EVERYDAY and VOILA! You have a healthy, beautiful, sexy body you love living in!!!

Your mind needs good food too! Beautiful thoughts create a beautiful mind and ugly thoughts....well you get the point.

So people I ask you this: have you put in your requests for the day? The week? The month? The year? The decade?
What are you waiting for? In case you haven't noticed life is going on...yep right now! So are you STILL waiting to live? Are you waiting for the next life time?

I am alive right now! I know this because I can hear and feel my breath! I am not waiting to enjoy my time here on this planet! I am in the NOW right NOW!!! Enjoying every minute of it!!!

Luv, Light, and Eternal Living to you ALL!!!