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Friday, January 29, 2010

Choose To Remain Calm!!!

AT any moment you can choose to create calmness around you. We can accomplish so much more when we are calm. We see clearer, we understand better and we make smarter choices!

No need for any type of stress or panic in your life: it isn't worth your energy!!!

I know, I know, you may be thinking of all the reasons WHY you have the right to feel all those negative emotions but let us let go of that for a moment. If you see it from a different angle -a positive angle-you will change your inner feelings, which sends out a different message and gets in return a different response or vibration. Do you understand what that means?
What you give out, you get back!

Hold on 1 second people! This is an important point here: be patient!!! Remain calm! When you start to get frustrated it is because you have begun to doubt your initial view-point! And when you get there PLEASE remind yourself that you already know what you want so DON'T GET SIDE TRACKED!!! Keep your vision where it was; positive and calm. You can transform ANY situation! It is only when you put the belief of limitation that you block it from coming in!!!

Because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there!!! I will share a story with you that clearly left this exact message in my head:
My cousin and I had planned to go watch a movie together:
Having finished my day and heading out I started to wonder if we could make the 7pm showing as we had planned?!?!
STOP. -right there! I STOPPED my thoughts and said to myself, "what is it that I want?"
* I want to pick up Lys easily and effortlessly.
* I want to get down town easily and effortlessly.
* I want to find parking easily and effortlessly.
* I want us to have THE BEST seats in the theatre.
We were downtown in no time, parked in no time and as we walked toward the theatre the mass of people reminded us that it was tuesday which in Montreal means movies are half price!
There was a huge line up and next to our movie were the words "only few tickets left!!!" literally with 3 exclamation marks next to those words! As we began to say to each other we hope the movie wasn't sold out I told my cousin the requests I had put in before we got there and with that's when we decided we were both going to stay with THAT visualisation!
The line up moved rather quickly and as we ask the clerk for our tickets he says this to us, "there are 2 tickets left and it is almost guaranteed you will be sitting right up front. Do you still want the tickets?"
Lys and I looked at each other and reminded each other of our visualisation of the two best seats in the theatre and said, "yes please."
The clerk reminded us again that we would most defiantly be sitting in the front row and we said, "yes, that's okay, thank you." took our tickets and walked up the stairs talking about how we don't ever need to worry because those seats are waiting for us!
When we got in the jam packed theatre there was absolutely NO seats to be found! That is when the words, "just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't here" came to my mind.
We moved upward toward the very back row(where Lys and I always enjoy watching our movies most) and found one guy with his coat on the seat beside him- Lys asked if that seat was taken and it wasn't!!! I did the same a little further down, with a woman and her coat beside her.
Guess what?
With no further delay, these people moved one seat here and one seat there and Lys and I sat together in our two favorite seats- right in the middle- of the back row!!!!
We looked at each other and exchanged our excitement of how from the 2 VERY LAST tickets we managed to get the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE!!!

So this is a small example of how limitations exist ONLY if you believe in them! Regardless of what someone tells you, or what the facts are, or what you see right in front of can create whatever you want with calmness and certainty riding through your veins!!!

Sometimes WE have the opportunity and WE must take that one extra, tiny step to get what we asked for!

So calmness can create so much more of what it is you want. Remember to remain calm and just because you don't see something in front of you doesn't mean it's isn't already there:)

I hope this message helps you today. That you might actually believe enough that YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED what you may have believed is "impossible!"

I love you and send you JOY!JOY!JOY!

Luv, Light, and Calmness!!!