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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do What You LOVE To Do!!!

I write everyday.
My blogs, my journal, my little notebooks I keep in my purse. I do this because I love it! I have always loved it! I find it so easy and therapeutic! It helps me and fulfills me in so many ways! It is part of me, a part I love! Why am I telling you this?
Because I want you to remember to do whatever it is you love! Whatever fulfills you and helps make you feel good! It is vital to your being that you spend time with yourself doing things you adore! It doesn't matter how old you are, or how long you've procrastinated to do it! You can choose right now in this very moment to start!
Wasting away in a daily grind isn't what your soul wants! You must tap into that right side of the brain and get in touch with your creative side! You don't believe you have talent? Maybe you feel you're not good enough? These are all negative beliefs, and they are beliefs you can change about yourself!

Some people reach a certain age and believe that they have done all the "fun" stuff and now it's just about doing the everyday chores and obligations.....why? Why do some people choose to get stuck in small circles of reality like that?
I believe somewhere along the way people forget about their souls and focus more on their stresses, bills, jobs and dramas! These things are PART of your life they aren't your life!

There is so much more in this universe! How can you not see it? Are there too many buildings in the way of the trees? Too much traffic to hear the birds sing? Your TV too loud to hear your children's' laughter? Are you too busy with worry? Has worry taken over your life?

You know most people don't bother paying attention to what is REALLY going on in their lives. As the amazing Cesar Milan shows us time and time again in his amazing show The Dog Whisperer people don't pay enough attention to their dogs clear signals and their very own energy!!! Many times you will hear people say things like, "i didn't realize how stressed out I was" or " I didn't realize the tense energy I was passing along to my dog"....TO THEIR DOG! Yes your animals sense your energy so imagine everything else around you! The people around you! You contribute with your energy every millisecond of your life to EVERYTHING that is LIVING!!!

Cesar also almost always mentions how important the silence is; the answers are in the silence!

So wonderful people, whether you love animals, singing, cooking, writing, dancing, painting, drawing, coloring, laughing, designing, sculpting......whatever it is please make it a point to do it everyday! Why everyday??? Because your soul needs it!!! Because it will make your inner child sing with JOY!!! Because the MOST important thing is that you FEEL good!!!

So what makes you smile inside? Now how about doing it!!! Go ahead I dare you: DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!!!

Luv, Light and doing what you LOVE!!!