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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do YOUR Part!!!

How can we help Haiti right now?
Close your eyes take a deep breath and focus on sending love, calmness, peace, tranquility and positive energy their way! Please do not cringe or feel sorry or send worry emotions their way!
I know this can be challenging to do with such graphic media all over the place. But if you find it too difficult to accomplish positive, loving feelings then you are better off not viewing images or reading up on it.
They can use your love right now and NOT YOUR WORRY!!! So please stay away from what will make you send the, "oh my god, poor people! it's so bad" kind of energy! That won't help them!
If we all focus on that kind of thinking and emotions we won't be helping them!!!

So please people I urge you to focus sending love, peace, and healing their way! If we can all do our part we won't see another disaster hit them! They need our help so let's help them THE RIGHT WAY!!!

Worry, panic, and fearful thinking creates more of that so let us use our thoughts, emotions and intentions to help bring salvation to a country that needs us right now!!!

I am sending hearts all over Haiti, I am sending love, peace, and calmness their way, what are you sending?

Luv and Light,