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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Enter Happy!

Happy 2010 everyone! This is a powerful decade!
Make sure you enter your New year and New decade Happy! This is a perfect time to help create and manifest all you desire! An important thing to remember is to ask for what you desire as if you have already received it and with as much detail as you can put without limiting your desire!!

Example: I want a new job.

Replace this statement with: Thank you for this new job filled with amazing opportunity, abundant salary and so much free time to do so many other things I love to do with my time! I love my new job! It is exciting to get up in the morning knowing that I am heading to a place I love so much! I can do so much with all this additional income! Thank you for this new and exciting venture!

See the difference between the two? One is still keeping you in 'asking mode', while the other already takes you to where you want to go!

Okay now part 2 is keeping your dream ALIVE! How do we do this? You keep giving what you want MORE and MORE attention! Meaning: DON'T keep asking for it but keep riding on IMAGINING it!!! Feel how you would feel with this new experience! See it as if it has already happened! Give thanks for it! Keep believing in yourself! Believe in the immense power that takes care of all the details of your dreams! Don't try and figure or do things yourself for this will only drain you and shrink your dream!!!

Keep your dreams and desires BIG! Remember that you deserve the VERY BEST and you are here to prosper! Your job is to keep your dreams alive! Believe in them so that they may manifest! It is always up to you! Your choices and your beliefs creates EVERYTHING you see and feel around you! So if you don't like something or desire more well then GO FOR IT! Change what hasn't worked for you and start being more positive and loving toward yourself!!

So enter this New Year and New Decade with love and positive intention! Enter HAPPY!!!

Luv, Light, and Happiness Eternally!!!