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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy is SEXY!!!

I want to bring HAPPY back! I want people to start turning their frowns upside down!

What is the problem? Why all the long faces? You have too many toys? Too many choices? Too much freedom?
Let me guess, you don't have any problems so you help create them? Or perhaps you are so addicted to your drama's that you do not know how to lead a peaceful life?
I believe most of us NEED to run around on our cell phones, huffing and puffing, running from appointment to appoitment, from place to place, running, running, running and THIS is how we feel alive???!!!
Is this true for you? Partially? Regardless people, I want all of us to wake up and realize all that we have! Let us start enjoying and being grateful for all the precious gifts in our lives! We are blessed beyond belief and the more gratitude we offer the less time we will have to create negativity and illnesses!!!

Shift your focus! Your direction of thought!!! You are here NOW! Give it your best! Learn to go back to what's REAL! Who you are and what is important is all that stuff that you can not see! It is inside of you! It is the stuff you FEEL!!! Quiet time, prayer time, meditation time, whatever you prefer to call it; it is ESSENTIAL because it helps you connect with the only thing that matters!!! If you are not connecting with your soul than you will no doubt be leading a stressed out life with no real direction!!!

Get Happy people!!! There is no reason why you should choose to be sad! You have So much! You are extremely blessed!
Please make a conscious effort to ENJOY your life! Wear a smile in your heart and warm up your soul! For all you complainers and drama queens believe me when I tell you: GRUMPY is ugly HAPPY IS SEXY!!!

So, do you want to look sexy in 2010? I know I do!!!

Luv, Light, Happiness=Sexiness!!!