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Monday, January 18, 2010

I Had A Dream Once...

And what became of that dream? Did you stop believing in it? Did someone convince you otherwise? Is it because you have reached a certain age in your life so your dream must die?! Life keeps going forward and all that you put in it will follow! Don't leave your dreams behind! What you know in your heart is real IS REAL! Because you make it REAL!

I remember as a little girl thinking that everything was always OKAY! Yes, my parents and sisters made sure I WAS always okay but it was more than that! In my heart I could feel it! Even though I grew up quickly and life had its own way of teaching me lessons- some more difficult than others- but I never stopped believing that everything was always going to be okay! That reassurance inside me kept me sane and joyful! My prayers kept me happy and today it is still what keeps me smiling day after day, experience after experience, moment after moment! I choose to feel what love is! I choose to feel joy in my heart! I choose to keep dreaming! My world(inside) is perfect! And I LOVE being in it!

The world isn't a harsh place. It is a beautiful gift that keeps giving. It is up to each of us to see it! To feel it! To be part of it!!! You must keep prayer(meditation) active in your daily life! You must keep being appreciative of all the gifts you have! You must most importantly be AWARE of absolutely everything! If not, you miss out on all the miracles, and plentiful gifts that come to you so quietly! Gifts and miracles that if you are silent enough to see, feel, touch can make your dreams come true!

We all want different things! Believe me what you long for isn't what the person next you desires but we can help each other grow and prosper! So don't be selfish with your horse like vision, look around you; there are people who need your smiles, encouraging words, and love! You can begin in this very moment to flip things around for yourself! Pay close attention. Stop being blind sighted with propaganda!!! The clothes on your back DO NOT make who you are! Your job title can be wiped away so go for what is SOLID! Go for what LASTS! Go for the GOLD! And that gold my dear friends is found inside of you! There is a magical connection! A connection that can guide you and help you in more ways than you can humanly imagine! Try it! What have you got to lose?!

Keep your dreams ALIVE!!!

I had a dream once, and everyday I take another step toward it!

Luv and Light!