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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In 2010 Say: Thank You!

Thank you for my Life!!!

Thank you for my healthy body! My body works beautifully and I love Living in it! I am grateful for my body and I now feed it fresh fruits and vegetables and I drink plenty of water! I exercise it and feed it Love everyday! Thank you for this glorious body of mine!!!

Thank you for the relationships in my Life! These beautiful relationships keep me aware of my emotions and remind me that I am Alive! What a beautiful feeling to have so many different relationships that help me to grow and learn! I love All my relationships and I am grateful to be blessed with so many different individuals in my Life!!!

Thank you for the freedom of choice I have! It is so much fun to be so Free! I can choose any thought or emotion at any time! I can be whatever I would like to be! I Love feeling and experiencing so much Freedom! It keeps my Life so Exciting!!! What a Gift!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you for my beautiful home and its luxurious contents! It is truly a comfortable feeling to know how truly blessed I am! I know I always have much more than I need and I give Thanks and feel so very Blessed! Thank you for all my Riches!!!

Thank you for my glorious job! I love my job! It is fun to wake up in the morning knowing where I am headed yet excited because it is a New day with plenty of New experiences! I love working with such Great people and I am so happy that we are all so different! It makes it Interesting!!! Thank you for I am Blessed!!!

These are just a few examples of what you can begin to repeat to yourself in this New Beginning in your Life! You can go into greater detail if you is endless to what you can be grateful for!!! Appreciating what you already have will ALWAYS take you closer to what you are longing for!!! Whether these statements are already true for you or not doesn't matter. If you would like them to BECOME true for you then begin affirming each day with certainty in your heart and keep repeating till eventually it becomes your reality and you will find yourself affirming different things! As you grow inside your outer world responds and so what you desire so strongly today will manifest itself and you will be guided to desire something else and then that gets fulfilled, then you desire something else.....and well we just keep going! How fun!!!

Luv, Light and Gratitude!!!