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Friday, January 22, 2010

Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed!!!

Stop worrying, everything is going to be fine!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could hear this more often? Wouldn't it be nice that in the moment you get anxious, nervous, stressed or tense you could close your eyes and in one breath turn it all around and make it better?
What if I told you these messages and the power to do this is right inside of you?!
There is great power in your silence! Most of us are always looking outward for answers, salvation, or guidance. We pray in despair with our,"Oh Please! Please! Please!" Why? Why do we do this? Lack of trust, faith or belief in ourselves?
If you have an ounce of what it feels like to use your inner powers you would never again find yourself pleading or begging! How do I know this? Because I have been there! I know all too well what negative thoughts feel like! I too suffered from anxiety, nervousness and depression! I know how scary thoughts can be when their negative!!!
But now; now I am calm, peaceful, and most importantly a truly happy person!!!

Let me explain: most of us are afraid of silence because when it gets too quiet we can hear our thoughts and most of the time all our thoughts are negative, hurtful, even painful to think! Now I want you to be aware that I am talking about your very own thoughts! They are YOUR thoughts so why are you not changing them if they are painful to think? The most important part of healing comes from your thinking, and your beliefs! These thoughts and beliefs is the outcome you see in your life right now! You see, the quicker you take responsibility for your life the quicker you can heal yourself and change the things you don't like to see, feel, do, think or say!!! Stop playing the victim and start living!!! Make a conscious choice!!! Choose your thoughts and PLEASE learn to FORGIVE!!! Forgiveness of yourself and your past is vital for your well being!!! Watch those thoughts, filter through them, make sure they are all positive, loving thoughts that support you! As you pay attention to your thoughts one by one you will be slowing down your mind and it will become clear as to why your life is how it is!!! The more effort you put into realigning your thoughts the more fun your Life becomes to Live!!!

All of us are here to experience Life so we do all sorts of different things so please don't beat yourself up about it! It is pointless!!! Use your energy wisely!!!

Go easy on yourself! Life is meant to be enjoyed remember?!?!?!

Here are a few affirmations you can use today and everyday! Say them even if they don't seem true for you right now! Remember your thoughts create your reality so let us begin affirming things we would like to see in our lives!!! The more you say them the more true they will become for you!!! You create your reality!!!

I am loving and lovable!
Life always supports me!
It is a pleasure to live my Life!
I am well balanced!
I say YES to Life and Life says YES to me!
I lovingly release the past and choose to live in the present!
All is WELL in my world!!!

Luv, Light and Enjoyment!!!