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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Use What You're Good At!

What is your talent? Believe you don't have one? Not true! Everyone does including you! What may not seem like a talent to you probably is! What comes naturally to most of us is where we find our talent and that is preciously what you should use to go forward with in life! What comes naturally to you may not for another and this is why we are all different, so we can exchange services.
Think about it, if you can do something that comes easily and effortlessly through you and makes you feel happy, imagine doing that daily and making others happy in the process, now that will keep you feeling good on a daily basis and the MOST important thing is your happiness! If you find yourself already doing something you love, GREAT! For those who aren't yet there; I urge you to search, ask, desire, dream and go forth in searching for more! Go for that Gold! Don't ever give up on searching and growing! A stagnant, repetitive life isn't what you signed up for so DO NOT SETTLE!!!
If no one is there to encourage you or push you toward more, well....encourage yourself! Push yourself! You have much to do, see, feel, and experience so don't give up believing "well, this is it for me. This is how my life goes." NO! Small minds attract small realities! So transform that mind to think BIG! Much BIGGER!!! Remember people, we are here to prosper and have fun with it all! Yes! Your life is meant to be enjoyed!!! So if you aren't enjoying then make some changes!!! Life is beautiful and we must remind ourselves of all the gifts we already have so we may open the doors to more beauty and prosperity!

So in this new decade find out more about yourself and use what you're good at!!!

Luv, Light, and Talent!!!