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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Want To Know What You Look Like On The Inside?

Look at this picture.

How does it make you feel? What does it trigger inside you? What thoughts find their way through you as you stare at this IMMENSE POWER?

I doubt very much that you are thinking about your bills, your duties, your job.
You probably for at least 1 second feel a sense of AWH!!! A sense of peace, tranquility, oneness and pleasure!!!

Now what if I told you: you ARE part of this! You are completely connected to this! This isn't just a picture. The energy this picture represents, is one with you! It is INSIDE YOU!!! Now how does something so simple, so beautiful, so POWERFUL live inside you and you can choose to lead a stressful, nervous life? How can you make your world so small when you know this IS a small portion of what lives inside of you?!

Let's go back to a few seconds ago to that same feeling when you first looked at this picture. If you can focus more seconds, moments, minutes, hours, days, months feeling this feeling; how much more joy could you feel?! How about exposing yourself to more things that contribute to this feeling!

I want you to understand that you ARE what you feel!!! What you feel is put into everything and everyone around you and then is sent back toward you!!! So if you choose to feel good and send that energy out to everything and everyone then that is what your reality will be!!! GET IT???!!!!

We are all beautiful souls filled with gorgeous color that is reflected THROUGH us!!! We have a true connection to all the universes and it is vital that we remember this!!! We are one with all that is, we always have been and always will be!!!

Go inside yourself! Quiet that mind of yours till you can feel yourself smile! There is so much more you can do from the inside than just physically! You are POWERFUL please remember this!!! Remind yourself when you forget! Love yourself eternally knowing that you are always doing the very best you can and that you deserve LOVE!!! Be proud of yourself! Know that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing and that the more you tap into your powers the quicker you will be guided and your questions answered!!!

So if you want to see what you look like on the inside...well go within!!!


Love and Light and POWER!!!