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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woman....Get It Together!!!

Women of this time need to get something going: BALANCE!!! Why balance because you carry other souls through to this world, because you are a nurturer and a transmitter of love and a great influence to those around you!
Believe me I realise that men offer many, many, many things to this planet but my main focus right now is women because 1) I am one 2) I deal with many of them daily and 3) I realise the importance we hold as women!
It is a VERY important tittle to hold and you must honor your position! A well balanced woman means: never feeling unloved, lonely, victimized, disrespected, unappreciated or unimportant! She never feels ugly, fat or "not good enough"!!! If you feel any of these things then it's TIME YOU GET IT TOGETHER!!! Time to balance yourself!!!

The first thing is to realize that you MUST learn to love yourself! Accept who you are, where you are, as you are RIGHT NOW!!! Secondly you must teach people how you would like to be treated, what your boundaries are, and how and where they need to respect you! This means NEVER doing something that makes you feel tired, drained, depressed, or simply doesn't fit into your schedule! Sounds rude? That's because your well being isn't important enough to you! Sounds even more rude? That's because your mind goes into your old files of how you were raised and reminds you to be a person you aren't but were raised to be! Each of us is different and it's more than OKAY to say no to something that makes your stomach turn and puts you in a negative feeling mode! Because something was good for your parents or guardians doesn't mean it works for you! And that is OKAY!!!

My belief has always been and continues to be: love unconditionally and give whenever, however you can but what I have learnt is: make choices that are important and work for YOU!
Choose what is important.
Choose what is possible for you to physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally do!!!
Choose to say no-in an honest, polite way- without feeling guilty or "bad" about it when something doesn't work well with you!!
A few simple examples;
Tired of our cell phone ringing? Shut it off! Tired of people taking advantage of you? Stop letting them! Tired of your friend that calls always with the same drama filled, chaotic energy? Tell them you can not talk "right now"! You can only help someone to a certain point, then it is up to them and like all of us: it is up to US to do the work!

This Life is yours and it is happening RIGHT NOW!!! So please ladies work on yourselves so that you don't feel the need for compliments to feel good about yourselves! Get independent so you avoid giving off a "needy" energy! GET IT TOGETHER!!!

A well balanced woman is a beautiful woman! She is strong, confident, independent, loving and lovable, happy and shining!!!

What are you going to do today to take a step toward balancing yourself?

Complaining isn't a step forward, neither is feeling sorry for yourself!

So I ask you again what are you going to do today to take a step toward balancing yourself?

Whining and putting your victim suit on won't work either?

So I ask you again what are you going to do today to take a step toward balancing yourself?

Don't just think about it: DO IT!!!

Sending you all my love in hopes that you love yourself enough to Get It Together!!!

Luv, Light, and balance!!!