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Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Are YOU!!!!

It is important to embrace your own individuality!!!
It is important for our well being and at the same time we can become a great example ESPECIALLY to our youngsters to remind them how special we are BECAUSE we are different!
We follow trends, we follow others and what they do, say, and how they behave. We do this consciously or unconsciously but we do it! Our children see this and carry on the same habits. Now this may seem like a good thing. You might be saying to yourself, "well it's good if they turn out like me"....yes! all the good qualities are what you would like to pass on!!! HOWEVER, if your children pick up on your insecurities, they too will be insecure, the way you speak to your spouse, friends, family, and most importantly to YOURSELF is what they will mimic. Again consciously or unconsciously!
This is one of the reasons why I take so much time out of my personal time to write blogs that remind you to work on yourself and blogs toward woman because your children FEEL YOU when you carry them for 9 months! They hear your every word, thought, expression, and emotion and that is carried over once they are born and well into teenage years!!! YOU ARE AN EXAMPLE to those around you!!!! So PLEASE people watch your negative thoughts because your kids- all the kids- are listening!!!!

Now having said all that I DO NOT want any of you to go in a "panicky"state!!! RELAX!!! Today is a NEW DAY! And I want you ALWAYS to remember NOT to trail back to,"oh my! remember when I said this"......NO!!!! DO NOT go backward!!! FORWARD ONLY!!!! Remember we can CHOOSE to change things at ANY NEW MOMENT!!!!

So wouldn't you agree that standing proud and loving of who we are, as we are, is extremely important?! Don't try to be like someone else; yes! I agree with having great people to be our role models but your true foundation is always vital to be true to!!!

Tell your youngsters how amazing they are and love them for exactly the way they are!!! Of course I have to remind you of the obvious because your human mind can already forget: as I mentioned in the beginning of this blog: REMIND YOURSELF that you are amazing and NOT meant to look, dress, and own things like your neighbor!!! What a BORING thing to see when everyone looks the same!!!

You are your own person!!! Love this person!!! I do!!!!

You are YOU!!!!

Luv, Light, and the POWER to stand proud of who YOU are!!!