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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All You Need Is YOU!

All you need in this life is you!
The only person who knows what you need, when you need it and how you need it is you! Regardless of how much you look up to someone or something, there is nothing in this world who knows you better than you!!!
Stop Looking outside of yourself and look within for answers!!! You are the only one who has all the information you need! There is a universe inside each and everyone of us!! It is BUILT IN!!! It can never be taken away or destroyed!!! You carry this source with you at ALL TIMES! In the darkest times and in the most joyous of times!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! ETERNALLY YOURS to keep!!! What a beautiful gift!!! So why aren't you using it? Why are you fighting against it or letting all that noise get in the way???
Want to know what you should do? What the next step is? If the decision you made is the right one??? Go ahead, see for yourself what happens when you find silence and ask these questions??? TRUST! BELIEVE! LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN!!! Quit shutting yourself out and OFF!!!
No matter what ANYONE tells you, no matter how extreme your life might seem right now, no matter how negative your thinking is or how limited your reality is right now, ONLY YOU can possibly know where you must make changes, where you need to clean up, who you need to forgive, how much love you need from yourself!!
Please people remember how magnificent you are, all the power that lives inside you; in your silence!!!
Do your best everyday to remind yourself of how wonderful you are, how joyous it is to have the gift of life everyday, how fortunate you are to have all that you have and I don't just mean your "things"; your fingers, heart, brain, veins, skin, hair, cells, nails, toes, legs, arms, chin, teeth, eyes, nose, tongue, lips.....the list goes on and on.....we are magnificent beings, perfect in so many ways so please, LOVE YOURSELF and remember ALL YOU NEED IS YOU!!!

So get out of your own way!!!

You Know BEST!!!
Luv and Light,