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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are You Happy???

We can not, today in this world with so many options and possibilities readily available to us; complain, because we can change things to make our lives much more pleasant at any time!!!!
See, some of us may have forgotten the MOST important thing is that we feel good!! Everyday our main purpose is to vibrate in joy!!! If you are not experiencing joy than you must, without a doubt, change things inside of yourself and so the things around you may change!
YOU are responsible for your life! You have to continuously check in with yourself and see where it is you need to change, what it is that makes you feel good, why, where, and what doesn't vibrate at your frequency and what can you do to take you to the next level!!!
You are here with purpose and for this reason your life can not remain stagnant in a boring routine of obligations!!! Where is the joy in that!!! I can hear many of you say, "oh but this is life, these are my responsibilities." Yes, okay, fine. You have responsibilities but who doesn't??? And who told you they have to be boring, stagnant, and draining???!!! If they are, then you are missing out on the party of life! Life IS a party! A celebration that you are here!!! Must I remind you that in one very quick second we can take the exit door from this planet??? We all know that we will go one day but just because you don't know when, doesn't mean you can waste your time in negative emotions with a life of negative experiences!!! Again, you have a responsibility to yourself!!!
Please give thanks for your life!!! Please give thanks for all it contains!!! Please live in gratitude, harmony and joy every moment of everyday!!! Please learn how to keep yourself in a happy state!!! Please make the choices that are right for you and please stop caring about what others will think or say about you!!! Live your life to the fullest in the highest level of joy; and when you get there....go even HIGHER!!!

Are You Happy???

I am a Joyful, Happy Person!!!
Luv and Light,