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Monday, February 1, 2010

Cerate LOVE In ALL Your Relationships!!!

As I was driving the other morning I began to flip through the radio stations and heard something rather interesting: apparently, statistics show that a married couple argues on an average of 8 times A DAY!!! WHAT!!! This can't be true!
How can a couple argue 8 times a day???!!! If this is true for you PLEASE work on fixing yourself because arguments 8 times a day isn't healthy!!!
I am in a relationship and yes, we have discussions and the occasional argument but there is NO WAY we argue 8 times a day or even 8 times a month, come to think of it we probably don't even argue 8 times a year!!!
There is obviously something wrong if you find yourself in continuous arguments like that!!!

"Arguing is healthy" is what people say. But 8 times a day is much too much in my opinion!!!

The major point I wish to make today is this:
ANY kind of argument, ESPECIALLY the ones with yourself-YES! WITH YOURSELF! Are healthy because there is always two sides to everything: when there is a bad, there is always a good that is attached to it!
With your partner you can grow and learn together as a team! It is of extreme importance that your arguments help you to learn and move forward TOGETHER!

If you are unstable inside, if your arguments come from your "wounded inner child", if they happen due to your insecurities or fears, then you can work on those things with all the points I have made in my past blogs-scroll down in the archives and see what titles speak to you most, that is the best way to know what you need-
Please don't choose to be "the victim" instead strengthen up and work on your own inner issues so that you don't contribute to useless, drama driven arguments!

A relationship; with your partner, your children, your family, friends, your co-workers, the strangers you meet along the road everyday, all of these relationships are important and are meant to be joyous:) It is up to YOU to help create them to be joyous!
What you believe about yourself comes through in your energy, you send that energy out and people react to that energy. So if you don't like the outcome, change the source of which it is coming from! EVERYTHING begins from you!!!

There is great love inside ALL of us and most of us feel very similar emotions, the difference is how you choose to deal and heal those emotions. A well balanced person creates balance in their life and can be of great help to others! So please people, work on healing and balancing yourself so that everyone in your life can benefit and in turn YOU benefit from all the joy you help create!!!

Begin in this very moment to Create Love in ALL your relationships!!!

With unconditional Luv and Light for you ALL in my heart,