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Friday, February 19, 2010


To flow with life without resistance, you must be ready to let go of fear and ALLOW yourself to be guided! You are always in the right place at the right time but you can always ask if you get side tracked for some guidance. The reason why fear is important to release is because if not done, it will keep you stuck and no one likes feeling stuck!
I for one can tell you that being raised in a family of parents and ancestors who have passed through really scary, difficult times raised us with fear; "don't go there it might be dangerous", "don't do that you might get hurt", "be careful they might be dangerous"....yes it is true we must TEACH about our pasts and what we know, and what we have passed, HOWEVER scary thoughts create fear; so it is very important to be AWARE of situations and things but make sure you aren't carrying old words that do not serve you any longer or keep you from experiencing new and exciting things!
What I do is remind myself that "I am always safe and protected" because we are!!!

There is no guarantee in life; most may think; BUT why should that keep you from trying??? If death is inevitable why should you spend your time worrying and keeping yourself from ENJOYING things???!!!
I also believe that the daily news does a great job at filling us in with lots of meaningless, fearful stories that only keep you FEARING MORE!!! WHY???!!!! AND WHY DO YOU WATCH IT!!! I have said many times before in my blogs that news is something I have pulled away from for years and years and I am still here on planet earth, in my country, city, province and I move along just fine. What I am trying to say is that I have experimented unconsciously if we could function without news and YES! WE CAN!!!

So please people don't WASTE your precious time and energy FEARING!!!

Fear of dying, fear of not enough money, fear of being robbed, fear of not being good enough, fear of disasters, fear of not fitting in, fear of calories, fear of criminals, fear of traffic, fear of being late, fear of strangers.......OH BOYE!!!! I AM EXHAUSTED JUST WRITING ALL OF IT!!!! Imagine LIVING IT!!!!
If this is your reality PLEASE choose right now in this very moment to choose peace within you! Repeat; "I am always safe and protected. I am always well taken care of! I have all that I need!"
Your time here is precious and limited!!! As a soul you never die but you are on planet earth FOR NOW!!!! Get IT???!!! You are here NOW!!! This means every second counts!!!
So if you start becoming fearful ask yourself why?! Why in this very moment am I becoming fearful? What is it that I fear?! After all ANY situation is handled better when we are calm n'est pas?!
Obviously people I am not saying go jump in shark filled water with a steak wrapped around your head!!! Always use your smarts and your inner guidance to move forward in life NO MATTER what you do, but please, I urge you, LET GO OF YOUR FEAR(S)!!!!

I love you and wish you CALMNESS and PEACE!!!
Eternally yours with Luv and Light,