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Monday, February 15, 2010

Love ls What You Are Made Of!!!

Being in love begins with ourselves!

There is no way you can love another completely until you truly and completely love yourself first!!!
If you find yourself in a relationship and you ask your partner, "do you love me?" This is a clear sign of neediness that stems from you not loving yourself.
If you are single and are desperately searching for "him" or "her" then again, clear sign you do not love yourself.

Loving yourself means never feeling lonely or needy! NEVER??? YES! NEVER!
When you fill yourself up with the right things in the right way, you do not live in a "I don't know what is wrong" type of reality! When you truly love yourself, you do not rely on other peoples' opinions and remarks to make or break you!!!

When you love who you are, as you are and all you've accomplished and how proud you are of yourself for doing your very best everyday, THEN you are loving yourself!!!
You must fill yourself up with unconditional love because only then are you able to see others with that same love!

So why don't you truly love yourself? Past "mistakes"? Old stories you replay over and over again in your mind??? Maybe you feel your not "good enough"!!! But WHY???!!! What is "good enough" anyway? By whose standards??? What is it that would make you love YOU more??? Why not accept yourself right now??? Only from there can you make changes and move forward quickly!!! Not forgiving yourself, not accepting yourself, will keep you from loving yourself and keep you from enjoying yourself and your life! It will also keep you from finding true love or feel true love; so are you ready to say today, "I love myself as the magnificent being that I am!!!"

Remember to make this Valentine's month about true love because Love Is What You Are Made Of!!!

True love to you all!!!
Luv and Light,