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Monday, February 8, 2010

Luv, Light, Joy and Happiness

Don't stay in your small minded limited reality! Believe me, the world holds so much more for you when you come out of your cooped up little box of fear!
When I listen to people speak sometimes, I wonder how they can't hear what they are saying?! A negative story creates a negative reality! The awareness of prosperity and abundance in your life creates more of it, so why not speak about that or at least focus more on that! Your mind is the control center of your everyday reality so you must go there and filter, clean, polish, rearrange, and repair continuously!
Joy is something we help create and make REAL in our lives! To find JOY you must search for it! You must WANT it! You much SEE it, FEEL it, TASTE it, BREATH it, SPEAK it!!!

Tell a new story! Stop yourself when you hear yourself like a broken record repeated the same old, same one including yourself wants to hear it!!!
In order to change something it must change within you FIRST!
How you view it is how it will be viewed by you and others. So what is it you would like to change? Now see how you tell that story: "i can't, it's impossible, never, i wish, oh ya, right!" These type of statements about yourself or the situations in your life create exactly what you don't want; so replace with: I CAN, NOW, IT IS, SO BE IT!!! Affirm, in the present tense whatever it is you desire or wish for. Pretend it has already arrived! Pretend? YES! Pretend!!! Because pretended or affirming something that hasn't happened yet puts it into activation mode and before you know it you are seeing it into your reality!!!

Life is simple people!!! We, as limited beings have this need, or habit for complications and confusion. Perhaps it is what we were taught! But you can teach an old dog new tricks and a new dog old tricks...the freedom to choose either is ALWAYS readily available to each of us!

So DON'T feel sorry for yourself or others! Instead CHOOSE to be vibrate, beautiful, successful, happy!!! Feel THESE emotions and spread them around instead and watch the world transform before your eyes!!!

Luv, Light, Joy and Happiness to us all!!!

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 www.texbrick/photo by Thomas J. Avery Photography