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Friday, February 5, 2010

Now Go Place Your Order!!!

Remember that you are constantly placing your order with the universe! Your thoughts, the ones that have the most emotion and attention attached to them is being brought into your reality! This is why we stress that you must pay much attention to your thinking!!!
Enough emotion and attention to a thought activates it and brings it right onto your lap! So why does the "bad" stuff happen a lot quicker than the "good" stuff? Because most of us have an easy time visualising the bad things because we are exposed to it so much more (read yesterday's blog to understand this point) and have a more difficult time visualizing ourselves in better places doing better things with immense beauty surrounding us!

Keep your dreams alive because the more attention they get the quicker they manifest!
Think of the Universe as a beautiful restaurant you are sitting in, reading the menu.
What is it you would like to order? A large plate of Happiness with a side order of wealth?! Or is it the other way around? Perhaps you would like an entree of Peace with an appetizer of Success and a beautiful Lover for dessert? What is it that you would like to order?
After you place your amazing order, sit back knowing your order has been placed and get excited while you wait for it to BE BROUGHT RIGHT TO YOU!!!

When you go into a restaurant do you run after the waiter(ess) to see if they got the order right? Do you run into the kitchen to see if the cooks are making the food correctly? NO! You sit back and wait in anticipation for your delicious food right? Same goes for your universal order! You DO NOT go back and "check" to see, "did they get it right? Is it going to ever come? Is it impossible? Will it REALLY arrive?" Negative, negative, negative!!! This is NOT the way to do it! Like I said, place your order and get EXCITED about it!
That's it and that's all there is to it!

Now go place your order with no limitations, restrictions, or negative beliefs!!!

I am getting excited right now awaiting my order!!!
Want to join me for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert???!!!

Luv and Light Eternally!!!