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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today We Stop The Noise!

What is with all the noise in your head?
How can you live with all those thoughts running in so many different directions all the time? Do you realise that most of them are negative thoughts?
Why aren't your thoughts filled with JOY???
Where does all this lack of self love and beliefs in suffering and limitations come from? Who is convincing you of all this?

Do you think it's healthy not to pay attention to what each thought contains?
Do you believe that not paying attention to what your emotions are telling you is healthy??? Why are your emotions there??? They are obviously there with reason and purpose!!!

It has come to a time in our "advanced, over informative" world to GO BACK to what is solid and real!!

In a world so saturated with great technology of all sorts we find many people leading miserable lives! So many are sick with small or large illnesses WHY???!!! Our foods, the pollution, our negative thinking, our anger, our unwillingness to forgive???

Love, is said to be the ultimate CURE!
I for one believe so deeply in this! It is amazing that so many people are walking around in balls of confusion, worry, panic, stress, nervousness, tension and don't know how they got there or how to change it!!! This is the purpose for today's blog! Please pay attention:

Now, Pay attention!
Listen and only THEN move forward!

What does this mean?

Stop and pay attention,"what am I thinking about right now? Is this a positive thought?"
If it is GREAT! If not REARRANGE the thought! Make it into a positive one! One that loves and supports you! Do this with each and every thought!!!
Now you are probably thinking, "how can I pay attention when there are SO MANY thoughts going through my head all at the same time?"
Well that is the key to creating less thoughts, you SLOW down your mind when you pay attention to each thought!
You are in charge of YOU, your thinking, your emotions, your energy, your vibration and so on!!! But if you do not take initiative then how can you be in control of what's going on inside of you?!

All this exposure to advertisements that remind you that you are too fat, too short, too tall, too unimportant, and unaccepted as you are....all the television you fill your brain with every day....the news that shows you brutal images, fills you with panic, tension, stress and anxieties....the commercials of fast food at 10pm to give you cravings and control your hunger quickly followed by a commercial of a new product to help you lose the fat, get a flat belly, get into shape, so you can have that common fight in your mind...WHAT A CONTRADICTION!!! The ANTI aging creams that are so popular on television and on the store shelves...WHEN DID AGING BECOME A BAD THING??? And why are we fighting against it???
Pay attention: Anti aging, anti wrinkle, anti cellulite, ANTI, ANTI, ANTI!!!!
Come on people!!! You need to pay attention!!!

Then you wonder why you are stressed? Why so many in the world around you are stressed? We aren't dumb, we have just become so accustomed to it that we can't see it unless someone points it out!!!
I have said this so many times before: falling asleep in front of your television watching the 11 o'clock news is probably one of the worst things to do and your reason for being stressed the very next day!!! Why??? Well imagine all that negative news, those sad, scary stories and those toxic, contradicting commercials entering your mind like water to a sponge and soaking that all in and never ringing that water out!!!

Why are you not paying attention to what you feed your mind??? Then you wonder why you have so many scattered negative thoughts you can not seem to control???!!!! Seems quite clear to me and I hope that you can clearly see it too!!!

Where in the world does it say that you are a beautiful being capable of so many things?
Who reminds you of how precious you are and the fact that you are so different with your individuality that your very presence is what this world needs? Who taps you on the back and reminds you what a great job you are doing in your life? What television program reminds you of how special you are and how much you are loved???

These type of positive emotions we love to feel, usually come when we are surrounded by people we love! We feel these great emotions when we walk in nature and breath in that glorious air that surrounds us! When we sit in mediation and that glorious, powerful feeling rises up inside of us and fills us with utter JOY!!!

Yet most of us rarely share with people who are positive and loving. Our walks in nature are few and most of us do not pray or sit in meditation....EVER! So how can we have these emotions?!

Our ancestors who walked, talked, shared and were one with all that surrounded them weren't as stressed as we are today because their lives were simpler. So what can we learn from them??
I believe it is this:
Feel yourself breathing and give thanks for your life and all it includes.
Enjoy the greatness of today's society but never, ever forget who you are and why you've come here!
ALWAYS REMEMBER that you are much more than what this world tells you you are and ALWAYS reconnect with your soul, feeding it endless amount of love and attention- it is the ONLY thing that remains with you eternally!!!

Please choose today to begin your pathway to happiness! Create the silence! Slow down your thoughts! Feed your self love at all times! Always choose forgiveness! Be the best you can be EVERYDAY! Give love to all that surround you and ALWAYS remember to give THANKS for all that you are, and for all that you have, and for all that is headed your way!!!

Today we stop the noise!!!

Luv and Light to you ALL!!!