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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wake Up People Before You Wake Up In A "Should Of, Would Of, Could Of" Reality!!!

A beautiful walk in nature is healing, refreshing, some will even say it's therapeutic.
Nature gives so much to us, unconditionally, lovingly, and in extreme abundance! Nature feeds us, nurtures us, heals us and fills us with continuous energy!
There is nothing like a breath of fresh air, a swim in the beautiful ocean, or a mountainous hike!
Being in nature is like plugging yourself in to a massive battery that charges you to incredible levels! Why do so many of us feel the need to retreat back into nature? Because concrete, buildings, cars, chaos and noise doesn't give us back anything! We are surrounded by amazing, beautiful, advanced technologies, gadgets, machines and things created to simplify our lives, make our everyday tasks easier. But what happen? Why is it counter acting and instead making our lives difficult to live and our minds too busy to think?! WE ALL WANT MORE!!! IT'S NEVER ENOUGH!!!
I too want more! I too believe it is never enough! Life is about opening yourself up to achieve and receive more and more and more each and every day!!! HOWEVER....and this is to be taken seriously: If you do not go for what is MOST important-which is, was, and always will be- FILLING YOUR SOUL; your desires, wants, and needs, ARE NOT true to you, they are not coming from your true self and therefore they can never ever fill you up in the right kind of way because you are falsely filling your void!!! Your car, house, job, television, phone, career, friends, photos, food, jewelry, cash, gold, diamonds etc...etc...etc... NONE OF THESE COME WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE!!! The ONLY thing you take with you is the same thing you came in with: YOUR SOUL!!!
So why are you NOT spending more time feeding your soul with what it needs??? Why are you not loving yourself and all that surround you if this is what is truly important? Why are you spending all your time and energy toward things, that in the end, don't really matter???

Spend your time filling your void properly! Give to yourself and to others the precious gifts your soul holds!!! Give back to the nature that loves you so much! Give back to this planet and all its beautiful humans, animals and all living things and less time worrying if your SUV is as big as the one your neighbours bought!!!

Wake up people before you wake up in a "should of, would of, could of" reality!!!

Luv, Light and food for the SOUL!!!