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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Are All Beautiful, Innocent Children Deep Down:)

There is an inner child inside each of us, a child that needs our love, forgiveness and protection.
The very first step in healing IS healing the inner child. Our inner child is sensitive, and can hold on to fear, insecurities, uncertainty, and judgment for a life time if we do not take the time to heal her(him). We must tell our inner child that we are now here to take over. Pick her(him) up in your arms and tell them how much you love them and there is nothing to fear or worry about!!!

Your inner child will always remain a little child, so it is important that you express that you are now taking over with love because when you do these type of visualisations or exercises you heal yourself beyond belief! When you get emotional, angry, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed or hurt; it is your inner child that tends to come out, and being so sensitive, every emotion can be magnified much more than it needs to be!!! So it is important you tell your little one that you are now here to take over and that fear, hurt, frustration and sadness are no longer what you desire to feel and everything is perfect, and there is nothing to worry about for only love surrounds you now!

Healing of the inner child is vital to a proper and complete healing! Without healing our wounded inner child we can spend a life time trying to fix our problems that never seem to change or go away! It is the MOST important life changing exercise you can do, yet many of us fear to go there. Perhaps you had a peaceful childhood, or maybe yours was traumatic and scary. Maybe it contained life changing experiences....what ever happened PLEASE reach deep to your inner child and for the first time kiss them, love them, and remind them; "I am here and everything is beautiful!"

We are all beautiful, innocent children deep down:)

With Luv and Light to you I encourage you to take the time to heal properly!!!