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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Are YOU Wearing???

So you got up this morning and most likely got washed and dressed for the day, BUT no matter how fashionable or casual you look today, you are wearing something inevitably visible to everyone: YOUR ENERGY!!! Whether you are consciously aware of your energy or not it IS THE MOST important part of your daily outfits!!!

I see people with beautiful lights or shiny sparks around them and it's beautiful and makes whatever they are wearing look AMAZING!!! I also see people wearing daggers, some look grey or shrivelled and some look so small like their dragging or crawling their way through their day! You may think you can "hide" the way you are feeling or what you are thinking but the truth is you can't hide energy and more importantly; as a great teacher once taught me: ENERGY DOESN'T LIE!!!
When you see someone who is unhappy, stressed, anxious, nervous, confused or fearful ask them "how are you today?" and the answer will most likely be "fine." This is okay. I know that most people aren't going to pour their problems out to just anyone BUT if you have the opportunity to reach out PLEASE pay attention to what their energy is saying and lend a helping hand! Believe me most people are just waiting for someone to reach out and help! It is important that people feel comfortable to express their emotions because walking around pretending that you don't care or you don't have any problems of your own, only pushes people away and then we find ourselves running to strangers, paying them a lot of money to listen to our problems so our friends and family won't "know" we have problems!!!

WE ARE HUMAN. This means we have challenges. Plain and simple so let us go back to how humans used to exchange knowledge and help each other!!! After all, we are all doing our best!

Pay attention to your energy! Pay attention to the source of your energy: your thoughts! So make sure when you prepare for your day, your thoughts and energy are included!!!

So I ask you: What Are YOU Wearing???

Luv and Light,