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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Your Road To PARADISE!!!

Looking for the right road in your life?

Are you consumed with all the wrong goals? Feeling empty? Like "something" is missing?
How much time and energy do you waste on worrying about meaningless things? Things that the world you live in has spent most of "their" time and energy to hold you in a controlled climate of fear and limitations?!
What happens when you realise that spending your life with so much focus on meaningless things is REALLY A WASTE? Trying to "fit in" and struggling is not part of who you are and why you are here!!!

Let's talk about the greatest obsession I see today: MONEY!
Is money a constant worry for you? What happens when you pass over to the other side(eventually we all do) and realise that you could have spent so much more energy on the things that REALLY matter?! What if someone told you today that money is just paper and "they've" spent centuries convincing people that it is THE MOST important thing? What if today you were told the truth?! That it is only the attention you put toward something that makes it so important!!!
What if the truth is that money is kept as such an importance to keep you in a state of constant fear?! Nothing more than a major distraction to keep you from knowing who you really are and feeling utter love day in and day out!!!???
What would people do if they weren't worried, focused or addicted to money???

Why are we NOT searching for what is truly meaningful?! Why is it that we NEED to put so much focus on the stuff that doesn't really matter?!

Please ask yourself, "what is truly important in my life?" What is it that I REALLY need?!
When you find that glorious path to the true things that are golden, you will find that the simplest of things bring you the greatest amount of JOY!!!

People please WAKE UP!!! Life is way too precious and WAY TOO SHORT to be focused on such bogus, meaningless things!!!
Don't misunderstand me here; I KNOW money is important but when did it become THE MOST important thing? How did it get to be such an obsession???

Put your focus on things that ARE important! STOP WORRYING and start living!!!

Here is my piece of advice you can keep with you at all times: Start feeling joy! Inside of you and in all the things that surround you! Make this your priority! And forget about the rest because when you focus on JOY you get more JOY in all that you do!!!

So if your searching for your road to paradise, STOP looking outside of yourself because your Road To PARADISE lives RIGHT INSIDE OF YOU!!!

In hopes that you find Joy with your every breath!
Luv and Light,