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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask An Angel!!!

We are never alone! We are always surrounded by an entourage of beautiful angels that help guide and protect us:)
We may not see them with our eyes but I bet that if you quiet yourself down enough you can feel them:)
They love to help and assist us in anything at any time:) They act quickly and help us accomplish things that can seem "impossible" with our human limitations.
Angels have always been around...go back to the ancient scriptures, they're in there:)
They are available to anyone who calls out to them. I always remind people not to try to do things by themselves....we have just ask! Remember this is not about begging and pleading, "please, please, please!!!" NO! It is about putting in a request with a kind "thank you" to follow. example; "Angels I ask that you come with me into this meeting and help me find the perfect words at the perfect moment so that I may attain this job easily and effortlessly, Thank you so much!"
That even feels better than begging right?!

Give it a try! If only for today, don't run yourself mad, get some assistance from the best entourage around! Ask an Angel:)