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Monday, March 15, 2010

Be The Best YOU, You Can Be!!!

There is so much judgement and criticism around! Everyone can tell you how to live your life! We read articles, listen to media, statistics and people tell us what is good for us, what isn't, what we should or shouldn't do! But the reality is that you are the only one who can really know what is best for you! The foods your body responds best to, the relationships your soul enjoys being in, the atmosphere you feel joy in, the people who help lift you up and help you succeed!!!
Believe me when I tell you that you are loved IMMENSELY and ETERNALLY as you are, where you are! The only person who needs to learn how to love you more is YOU!!! When you have self love and self acceptance you can encourage yourself to go forward in life! To move higher up the ladder!!!
So don't get caught up in other people's thinking!!! You have your own mind, with your own ideas and THAT is what we need in this world!!! For each of us to take responsibility in each of our own lives and THIS is how we can contribute to a happier life! We make the "right" choices for ourselves, encourage ourselves and in turn everything and everyone around us benefits!!!

So today do the best you can at LISTENING to yourself and what you need!!! Respect who you are and what helps you feel good:)
Life is meant for us to experience with a smile in our hearts!!!

Be the best YOU, you can be!!!

Luv and Light to you!