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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Come Together!!!

As people, our greatest power is when we come together! We are in a society that preys on the weak and pushes us into our pigeon holes(as a dear friend of mine likes to say) and keeps us fearful and away from each other! Humans throughout the centuries have always stuck together, worked together, shared and lived together! Now for the first time we find ourselves in a "fend for yourself" society. "To each his own", "figure it out yourself" type of world and if I can accomplish one thing with this blog today, it is to help you open your heart and your mind toward your neighbours and your fellow humans who share this planet with you!!! We SHARE the planet so that in itself means we MUST care about everyone who lives on it!!! We must not separate! Rather join together in harmony and love and help each other! Humanity IS about these things!!

We are bigger and better than acting like a bunch of scared individuals who are too afraid to reach out to one another!!! It is in our nature to unite and create things we desire for ourselves and our planet(our home!) You can not go on believing that you do not count! Each individual and even the tiniest of actions counts!!! EACH of us makes a difference when we share a smile, a "thank you", a helping hand, a kind gesture, a shoulder to cry on!
People NEED people so please don't shut your door!!!

Live your life with love in your heart, stop being judgmental and critical and understand that we are all one! Made from the same stuff; yes we are all different in our own way but we were all created the same way, please remember this the next time you get the urge to point the finger at someone and criticize!!! We are all doing the best we can with the know how that we have!!! Instead of criticizing, reach out and help that person, we can all use some guidance:)

Let us finally decide to COME TOGETHER and help create a joyful, happy place we all call HOME!!!

Luv and Light,