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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Door Is Always Open...

We can make changes at any time. But change can be scary! How can you change something after so many years?! Well, it definitely isn't easy but NOT impossible!!! We need to keep encouraging ourselves!!! We need to remind ourselves that we CAN do it!!! We must NOT give up on ourselves!!! Yes, the lesson is a tough one, the change is a difficult one, BUT it is preciously what we need to get us to the next level!!! We can not stop here because it is comfortable and familiar!!! NO!!! We will LOVE what is waiting for us once we get past these changes!!! Besides the lesson IS getting through this one door and walking through the next!!!

Are you ready? Isn't it time to gather up our "know how" from here and move on?! The door is always open, waiting for us to walk through! If you're afraid, scared, sad, or upset just ask for help!!!

Remember the previous blog where we were reminded to ask the angels for help...well, this is their specialty!!!

Come on let's go!!! Take my hand and walk with me!!! And if you aren't ready yet....well, The Door Is Always Open!!!