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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dream a lot and live a little!!!

Life is MEANT to be dreamt up!!! Without wonderful dreams and imagination one can not create beauty in their lives!!!
Life is about experience and endless opportunities! We can not forget this! When we fall into our box of safety we MUST push ourselves out!!! Believe in yourself and come out into this immense universe of incredible possibilities!!
Life is precious and limited so don't waste your time!!!
We have so many emotions to feel, so many different experiences to live, so many people to share and laugh with!
Life is filled with contrasts, opposites so that we can better choose what we want! We are always given the clear choice! You see something you don't like so you can better understand what you do like! You experience an emotion that doesn't feel good, so that you may choose the opposite emotion that does feel good! We always have a contrast and we must remember this so that we can constantly choose which feels better!!! By choosing the better feeling thought, the better emotion, the better role model, the better food, the better way of life; we continue to create a life we love to live!!!

Please don't give up on your dreams! Dream and dream BIG!!! Always choose what works best for you! And we do all of this wearing a SMILE:)
So please people: Dream a lot and live a little!!!

Luv, Light, and Dreams!!!