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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sometimes we need to be reminded of our obligation to give back to humanity! We must ALL do our part to help and it doesn't matter if that means smiling at a stranger or joining the peace core! The point is you MUST GIVE BACK! Life is about caring for those around you! Life isn't about selfishness, greed, ego, pride, or vanity! The bottom line is; People NEED people! We must all help each other! The moment we stop caring is the moment you open the door to a very, very dark place and I don't know about you but I certainly LOVE my open door to LIGHT and LOVE!
Humanity is what we're about and we MUST do our share! Yes we have evolved through the years, but the question is; evolved toward WHAT?!
Evolution?! Evolution toward more health, happiness, joy, and peace? Is this where we are headed? Is this what we are being taught? Or have we just gotten consumed with the "never enough" syndrome which may also include the "never say thank you" syndrome?! Are we leaving the messages of our fathers behind? Has the simple wisdom of our ancestors slipped through our cell phones? I say move forward with the times BUT never forget to implement the solid foundation of love, respect and gratitude our parents have taught us!

I wish you the courage and strength to pull yourself out of your bubble and start looking around! Stop being so distracted! LOOK AROUND... that person there is some one's child, sister, mother, friend, husband, niece, father......THAT PERSON COUNTS JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO!
Together we can create beautiful things!